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3 Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Financial Advisors
On average, professional athletes who manage to land big-figure contracts from teams looking to source their talent face the challenge of handling a large sum of money at a young age. 
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5 Tips for Athletes to Build a Financial Legacy
Athletes who make it to the professional leagues can often be blinded by the lights and swayed by their paychecks. This can cause issues when their careers do not work out.
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Learning the Ropes of “Jock Tax”
Working your way up to professional athlete status is no simple feat—and it’s incredibly rewarding. Nothing speaks a thousand words like a six or seven-digit paycheck, even for just a few years.
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Winning Financial Planning Goals for Athletes
In a single year, thriving pro athletes earn more than what an average office desk-dweller makes in a lifetime. Thus, players discovering their newfound wealth can burn through six or even seven-figure salaries quicker than they can score their next goal.
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