The True Story

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A View from the Sidelines
The Bada Bing Broker. Redefined.

This is the unbelievable true story of a top financial advisor who has worked with more than 100 professional athletes but went from industry darling to outcast in the matter of months.  Greed, theft and fraud are the expected actions for an advisor to athletes and celebrities who has lost all licenses and designations.  This story, however, is about an advisor who operated a business without compensation for his clients and even loaned his own money to them in an effort to make it successful. 

An Inside Look...

This story serves as a cautionary tale for those who are looking to work for professional athletes but also provides insights on how and why professional athletes, in particular NFL Players, are so likely to go broke. 

Sports Illustrated ran a story less than a decade ago that said that 85% of NFL players go bankrupt or are in serious financial distress within 5 years of retiring.  The book offers up tremendous insight into their complex financial lives and tells the real story behind these statistics while telling his story along the way. 

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