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Aaron Parthemer is the President and CEO of PMG Private CFO Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL. PMG Private CFO Services is a boutique accounting firm that serves professional athletes, entertainers and executives by advising them on advanced tax strategies and helping them to manage their day to day lives.

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Aaron grew up in small town Ohio and was routinely around the church.  He attended a Lutheran school in Marysville, OH from pre-kindergarten until the 6th grade and his mom was his pre-school teacher. 

Despite having easy access, he never put his full focus and attention on God, mainly because he was a problem solver for everyone else and assumed he would figure it out to fix things on his own. 

It was not until he had experienced a series of issues that finally took him to his knees and set him on a path to find God.  After some encouragement from his wife, Laura, he reached out to a longtime friend and Deacon at his local church to get saved and to get guidance.   It started with him buying a bible, followed up by reading a book by Joel Osteen, which led to him watching sermons online while getting involved in his local church.  

When Aaron started this journey, his life was in tatters and everything was collapsing around him.  As his relationship with God began to grow, his problems began to be eliminated and his business began to take off in ways that no human could make happen.  Today, he prays with his wife and his son and they have learned to put God first in everything they do, thanking Him the extreme favor He has shown in their lives


When he was at his lowest point, it was the encouragement of his beautiful wife and the future of his son that motivated Aaron to keep going and to climb his way back to the top. 

After going through two divorces in his earlier life, most observers from the outside assumed he was on his way for his third divorce at the time he married his wife Laura.  After all, she was a stunningly beautiful girl who was more than 10 years his junior and they were married while he was at the pinnacle of his career. 

As the walls around him began to crumble and after losing the career that he had worked 20 years to create, along with all of his assets, most thought that it would be the end of his marriage.  Not only did she not leave, she stuck by his side and encouraged him every step of the way, becoming his best friend and his biggest supporter. 

Laura even put her own occupational aspirations on hold when she switched her major from psychology to accounting to be able to help him to launch his new business.  Now that he has come out on the other side, their relationship is stronger than ever as they work together to raise their son, Aaron, Jr. and use the lessons learned in life to make him the best young man possible.  It is worth noting that in 2019 Laura was able to switch her major back to psychology and she is within a year of receiving her degree and using her real life experiences to help guide others.

Aaron Parthemer with family
Headshot of Aaron Parthemer

Aaron started in the financial industry right out of college in 1994 as an investment advisor and he built one of the top financial planning practices in the country before the age of 40 due to his work ethic and his thirst for education. 

He spent 3 years studying for and eventually receiving his Certified Financial Planning Designation and from there attended the Wharton School of Business for 2 years to earn his Advanced Financial Advisor Certification.  When his world was flipped upside down and he surrendered the licenses and designations that he spent more than 20 years working for and in 2015 left the investment industry for good.

It was his knowledge of finance in general that allowed him to recreate his business.  Even though he could not do taxes while he was an advisor, taxes was an area that he knew inside and out and where he saw the most critical gaping hole for professional athletes.  

Taking the knowledge that he had accumulated on taxes, he was able to create a new business model around tax advisory services and today his team is considered one of the foremost authorities in the nation on advanced and complex tax issues.


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