June 10, 2020

Thoughts from Aaron: “Kap Was Right…”

The fact that a peaceful protester was vilified by the public and blacklisted by the NFL is wrong.

It reminds me of the mass shootings. Whenever a mass shooting occurs we begin to discuss the methodology of universal background checks and the banning of assault rifles. The lobbyists scare the public by making them feel as if their second amendment rights are violated and that the government will be going door to door to collect every gun in America.

A widespread debate ensues and rallies are held but it is only a matter of time until another news cycle begins and in the end, there are no changes made and everyone forgets about it until the next mass shooting occurs and we revisit the cycle again.

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How many black men have to be killed for real change to occur?

Colin Kaepernick did the right thing in kneeling but he was barred from getting a legitimate opportunity in the NFL and has been turned into an “enemy of the state” of many white Americans, including the current POTUS. No different than a gun lobbyist who tells their followers that the government will come to their house to take their guns, the narrative somehow was twisted and it was explained that he was disrespecting our military and the American Flag itself.  

That is total and complete BS and it is time that white america wakes up and sees Colin and the players who joined him as the hero's that they are for shining a light on the injustices that exist.

The riots and looting that have taken place the last few days are in reaction to the inaction and flat out denial by white America that a problem exists.

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I do not know the solution but I do know that there is a serious problem that must be addressed. As a white American male who identifies as a Republican, I am tired of ignoring these injustices to my fellow citizens and I am ready to start being a part of the solution. I applaud the efforts of Colin and the other brave men who risked their livelihood to put the issue in public view and I condemn those who have tried to portray him as unpatriotic. As far as I am concerned, he is a true patriot and if we all had listened to him and addressed this years ago, maybe we could have avoided so many of these unnecessary deaths.

It may be too late for Colin to get a shot in the NFL, but now is the time for every American to admit that there is an issue and to take the appropriate steps to find a solution.

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